Therapy Part I


Went to the therapist. Loved her immediately. Talked for the entire hour. Could not spill my guts fast enough. Definitely cried. Felt heard and validated. Made an appointment for next week, and came away with a homework assignment:

Figure out what is the most important thing in my life. What do I need to be happy?

5 Comments on “Therapy Part I”

  1. masterandbabydoll says:

    I hope the therapy works for you! I know how bad you want the poly family….and how much you want it to work! All the best wishes for you and your family and hope the holidays are wonderful despite all the recent drama. Xoxoxo baby doll

  2. lizeden says:

    That is awesome news! I think therapy is hugely important and it’s wonderful to hear how well you and your therapist clicked.

    Just wanted to point out too (and I know this sucks hard), but if your poly family doesn’t work out with Papa Bear and his family, that’s not your only option in life.

    And also, from what you’ve said recently, it sounds like his daughter and son really like you. So even if a happy poly family with him doesn’t involve the wifey, it sounds like there is family there, who cares about you and wants you to be a part of their lives. It may not be 100% what you wanted (and it may not be enough for you – that’s totally fair and makes absolute sense if the Wifey acting the way she does is too much), but it might be worth exploring what having those close relationshpis will be like.

    No matter what much ❤ & it's wonderful to hear that you've having fun this holiday AND working on the emotional shit. I hope this all bodes well for the future. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, again. I always love your comments. I am having a lovely Christmas so far. I am hoping I will be able to figure out in the next 6 months or so, if this is going to be a workable situation for me, or if I need to look elsewhere for the family I want.

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