The Company Ink, Part II


Boss Man broke up with his last girlfriend months ago. He had planned to take her to see a heavy metal band, but after the breakup, he decided that rather than bring one of his buddies, he would bring one of our clients. This client is a total metal head who would never have the means to afford tickets to see such a big band. And that, my friends, and what got me–hook, line and goddamn sinker. His big, aching, tender heart, wrapped up in all that sarcasm and hiding behind a wall of defence mechanisms.

The concert was last Friday night, and to my surprise, Boss Man texted me updates throughout the entire thing.

We talked and joked the whole time–the client, a huge chatterbox, was talking his ear off. I told him he was a saint. And that I’d be available for company after the concert, in a kidding-not kidding kind of way.

Once he was gone, he sent me a text:

“Alone at last.”
I joked that I’d be right over.
“What’s your address?” I asked.
“You’re persistent, aren’t you?” He said.
“As fuck,” I answered.
He replied with his address.
And I swear, at that moment, my heart stopped.

Oh my fucking God. He gave me his address.

“Don’t move,” I said. “Stay awake.”
“Really?” He asked
“Really” I replied.

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