Freak out

Boss Man tells me that one of the head honchos texted tonight–Sunday night. And that she asked him to call her.

I ask him to tell me how it went, and he says he’ll talk about it in the morning–and then fucking disappears.

And all I can picture is us wrapped around each other after closing, our lips tracing each other’s mouths, our hands roaming all over each other’s bodies. And all I can think is “They know.”

I text him back and tell him he has five minutes to answer me. Is it about us? Are we screwed? He doesn’t reply.

I begin to hyperventilate. I wait the five minutes I promised him, and then I call him. It rings until it hits voicemail. I call him again. It does the same thing.

30 minutes later he texts back, “It’s all okay.” And I want so much to believe him that I don’t say the words I want to:

“Do you promise?”

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