I Kissed 3 Boys and I Liked It

I kissed three boys today.

Yes, three.

My sex drive runs on a cycle and right now it’s in hyper drive.

Of course, one of the boys I kissed was my husband and one was my boyfriend, but I’d have had sex with all three if I could have.

Alas, I only had sex with one. Papa Bear invited me over for a post-work romp and I hungrily accepted.

Less than 6 hours later and I’m already desperate for more.

5 Comments on “I Kissed 3 Boys and I Liked It”

  1. Papasdirtylittlegirl says:

    And the third? *wink*

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Some weeks I don’t think about sex at all and others my lover is asking me to give him a break so he can rest. There has to be a happy medium and I’m desperate to find it.

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