The Fuck-et List

Have Sex:

  • In front of an audience
  • Outdoors in the day time
  • On a golf course
  • In the bed of a truck
  • Up against the window of a hotel room
  • With a woman
  • In a bar (not in the bathroom or coat room)
  • With a group of (two or more) women
  • While live streamed onto a TV or computer, so I can watch
  • In a pool
  • While watching porn


  • Gang bang
  • Get caught
  • Choking
  • Be put over someone’s knee
  • Get myself off in front of someone
  • Get myself off in front of a group
  • Double Penetration
  • Double Penetration by more than one person
  • Participate in an orgy
  • Attend a sex party
  • Walk around naked in a room full of people
  • MMF threesome
  • FMF threesome
  • Be punished in front of an audience
  • Have an illicit affair
  • Be teased until I fuck myself out of desperation
  • Anal
  • Photograph a couple having sex
  • Get choked out
  • Rope suspension play
  • Consensual non-consent

I will be updating this list as things come to mind. Stay tuned.

4 Comments on “The Fuck-et List”

  1. dz says:

    I thought you did a couple of these non crossed ..?

  2. Come visit Us and we’ll cross a few more off.. 😉 xx

  3. Christian1 says:

    Does your husband get to screw around to

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